YPI Online - Cold Training & Mental Resilience with Fin McKenna Fox

Excited to have as our INSPO leader for March - Movement and lifestyle coach Fin-McKenna Fox.

Fin has been on a transformation journey over the years and more recently been a facilitator of COLD TRAINING, with his event - The Cold Connection. We discess the benefits, effects and stress adaption of the associated breathe work and cold training.
This was just perfect timing in the current environment for people to be home, open to try new things. With all the stress and uncertainty of the Covid-19 virus this may become a useful tool to switch, calm you thoughts and train your body to handle stress and change better.
We also cover the breathing techniques and entry levels steps of how you can start this at home.
If you haven't been exposed or heard of the cold shower revolution, then you will want to hear this.
I hope you enjoy it.

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