Emma-Kate Harrison

Massage Therapist

I remember I was always infatuated with the human body and being able to memorise its anatomy and the different systems; my favourite book from the age of 6 was a human body encyclopedia. Fast forward into my early 20’s, covid hits and my receptionist position at a hotel was no longer needed, this led me to recalibrate my goals and thought the pandemic was a good time to begin studying. I had been training 5 days a week in the gym consistently from 17 and figured a good quick course to complete would be my Cert 3 & 4 in Fitness.

Upon my completion, I had fallen in love with studying and wanted to delve deeper down the rabbit hole into the health and fitness industry. As a young kid, I would massage my family for pocket money and always found a lot of enjoyment in helping relieve someone of their pain; so Remedial Massage Diploma it was! I finished the yearlong diploma at the Australian Institute of Fitness, end of 2021 and have since applied and accepted my position as a Chiropractic student, at Murdoch University for August 2022!

Matt and Kyna have offered an opportunity to be a part of their amazing team, to work alongside and deliver massage treatments to both new and existing clients, additionally, mentoring me through my degree as well! My sessions run for 60 or 90 minutes and compromise of a variety of techniques to help reduce and relieve any tension/pain that may be present. All my treatments are catered to your individual needs and requests, helping return you to your best, thriving self.