Welcome to Wild Chiropractic


We are a husband and wife team, Dr Matt Hamilton & Dr Kyna Hamilton, and we have put our heart and souls into creating this health studio. With many years of experience working in family, sports and pediatric based practices, we decided to create a lifestyle-based space that provide the community with a holistic, supportive and multifaceted approach to healthcare.
We believe your health will thrive in the environment that nature intended and with the resources we were designed to use.
We stand for a world where true healthcare empowers individuals to achieving their greater purpose, rather than a model that is reactive, symptomatic and disconnected
You a designed to be healthy, you can thrive, heal and perform at your best when your body & mind and have the tools and resources for health and success. JUST AS NATURE INTENDED
If you feel bound up from the accumulated stressors in your life and the aches and pains from past traumas then you deserve to be free and lead a life without boundaries. LIVE IN THE WILD