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  We are a wholistic studio that supports and guides you back to your best self. No longer should you be held back by the aches and pains, burdens of stress and past traumas. Free yourself with a life the way nature intended with flowing movement, vibrant energy, resilience and purpose.

Here at Wild we look after people from all walks of life.

Surviving the concrete jungle

You are a professional that goes into battle every day in the concrete jungle. You are often anchored to a chair and neck pain, tension headaches, tight shoulders show up with niggles in the low back.

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Wild Births

You’re a pregnant mother looking for a safe space to feel supported through your pregnancy journey. You might be looking for a place for you and your baby to feel empowered, nurtured and heard in your decisions and goals for your upcoming birth.

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All bubs deserved the best start in life to grow and develop optimally. We see many families and are experienced in providing gentle Chiropractic care for children of all ages.

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Weekday warrior

Your body is not functioning, performing and recovering the way it used to. You have been carrying injuries for while now and they are affecting progress in your training, stopping you from getting stronger and can even make days at work uncomfortable.

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