We have brought together an integrated birth support network for all our pregnant couples to ensure that we can provide you with the physical, emotional and mental support required to help you achieve your best birth outcome.
Firstly establishing your needs and wants throughout your pregnancy, your ideal birth goals and how you would like to be supported. We then create a plan that can best meet your needs with the vision of ensuring all women have a wonderful birthing experience, no matter how you birth.
Pregnancy specific chiropractic care, incorporating soft tissue balancing and optimal maternal positioning techniques importantly looks at not only pain and discomforts in pregnancy but also the position of baby in pregnancy, the position of baby for birth, lifestyle stressors, headspace and physiological birthing education.
Optimal maternal positioning consultations may also be scheduled from 35 weeks onwards to learn and practice exercises, stretches and positions that may be useful for the next stage of pregnancy & birth, depending on what has unfolded through your pregnancy journey.
Pregnancy Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine are also an integral part of our pregnancy support alongside providing Hypnobirthing Australia, Positive Birth Courses that are run throughout the year from the practice. With two of our practitioners also practicing doulas, there is nothing more important to us then making sure we can best support you and your family in achieving extraordinary pregnancy and birthing experiences and outcomes.