Remedial Massage

Massage therapy is an extremely important practice for improving ones physical and mental wellbeing. The practice of massage involves manual manipulation of the tissues of the body to allow the body to function, perform and recover at its optimal level. Massage is key to unlocking the bodies full potential and us here at Wild want to give you the greatest chance of bringing out the best version of yourself. 

Our massage therapist works with people from all different backgrounds with a keen interest in injury prevention, management and rehabilitation. Whether that be through the rehabilitation of an injury/ailment, assisting you in improving your physical performance or progressing you towards achieving a greater level of physical and mental wellbeing, our team will guide you there every step of the way. 

Common presentations that we can assist with include: lower back pain, wry neck, frozen shoulder, headaches, migraines, golfers' elbow, rehabilitation post-surgery, anxiety and fatigue.   





When coming into Wild your experience begins from the moment you first walk in the door. Walking into our beautiful and warm environment you will be greeted by our amazing reception team that will show you around the practice making you feel at home. With your initial consult, our highly qualified staff will run you through some tests to map out the best care plan for your personal needs. The care plan will involve a variety of specialised techniques to make sure you get the most long-lasting benefit out of your treatment. This will be followed by a debrief and summary of the care provided, going over the changes seen in the body and some strategies that can be put in place for ongoing improvement.